June 8, 2024
A Day of Innovation and Imagination

During our core value presentations, Ava shared an engaging story about her recent camping trip to Stone Mountain. She described how her sister ingeniously hooked a flashlight by her feet to provide light at night. Ava also talked about roasting a giant marshmallow and enjoying kayaking activities.

Ian followed by recounting his visit to the Museum of Illusions for his brother’s birthday, where he amusingly played cards with five other Ians. This led to an intriguing discussion between Ava and Ian about how illusions are created. Inspired by this, Ian spent part of today's LEGO building session experimenting with creating distance illusions using LEGO tiles of varying lengths.

Wesley demonstrated his latest discovery: with his dad's help, he learned to build a MILS (Modular Integrated Landscaping System) plate, providing a steady foundation for future LEGO structures that he is excited to enjoy later in the week.

The team then transitioned to experimenting with coding. Ian added music from Spike Prime and incorporated a spin with motor blocks to motorize his flower lattice from a previous session. Ava made significant progress on her underwater museum, experimenting with sound and light features from Spike Prime. Wesley moved on from his previous sea turtle and underwater city builds to imagining new creations using the MILS plate he constructed.

During the break, we took a moment to celebrate Larry’s birthday. Larry is a valued member of the Challenge team. The celebration was filled with joy and excitement as everyone gathered to sing "Happy Birthday" and enjoy a delicious cake, reinforcing the sense of community and camaraderie within the team.

As we gear up for the new season, the Explore team visited the Challenge team’s classroom to check out their older siblings’ T-shirt designs for the 2024/2025 First Lego League "Submerged" theme, showcasing the kids' interpretations of underwater.