Session #9 - Mar 23, 2024
Food drive and collaboration

In anticipation of our upcoming Food Bank community service in April, members of the High Blocks Challenge and Explore teams have been diligently preparing spirited pitches and collecting food donations.

Commencing with our customary core value presentations, the anecdotes shared were as diverse as they were delightful. Alina recounted a recent excursion to Crumbles, regaling us with tales of delectable cookie selections alongside her brother. Haoyang's serendipitous discovery of a four-leaf clover during his school's whimsical "Wacky Wednesday," clad in mismatched attire, added a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. 

Meanwhile, Wesley's recounting of an exhilarating marble maze adventure with his sibling at Morgan Falls brought smiles all around. The enchanting experience of watching a Cinderella ballet, shared by Ava, Ian, and Alina, underscored the magic of shared moments.

Following these heartwarming narratives, our focus shifted to hands-on creativity. Ava's adept demonstration of foundational building techniques using Lego bricks captivated Ian's attention, setting the stage for collaborative construction endeavors. 

Alina's architectural prowess was on full display as she fashioned an impressive two-story mansion complete with an outdoor pool and indoor play area. Meanwhile, Max's completion of a food stand showcased both skill and dedication.

The pinnacle of our session was the collaborative challenge of building cars using only one hand per person. In a display of remarkable teamwork, Ava and Alina emerged triumphant, exemplifying the power of cooperation and ingenuity.

As we concluded our meeting, it was evident that beyond the tangible contributions to our community service endeavor, the bonds forged through shared experiences and collaborative efforts are the true treasures of our group.