Session #8 - Mar 16, 2024
disassembling our train model

Our session began with our customary Core Value presentations, where team members shared their recent experiences and accomplishments related to the six First LEGO League core values. Ian described how he collaborated with his brother to construct a couch, showcasing the spirit of teamwork essential to our robotics endeavors. He also recounted an exhilarating pickleball game he enjoyed with some of the High Blocks teammates, highlighting the importance of camaraderie beyond the robotics arena.

Max regaled us with his thrilling adventures on a swing, vividly illustrating the sheer joy and freedom of movement he experienced. Meanwhile, Haoyang delighted us with his creative pursuit of crafting paper dragons, demonstrating his ingenuity and passion for hands-on creation. 

Wesley shared a quieter but equally enriching experience of bonding with his brother over shared reading sessions at the local library, emphasizing the value of intellectual exploration and familial connection. Alina captivated us with her tale of discovery along the picturesque Rhine River in Switzerland, where she stumbled upon a Tiller boat, showcasing the serendipitous encounters and diverse interests that define our team.

Following these inspiring presentations, we engaged in a Kahoot! game centered around the core values of FIRST LEGO League, reinforcing our commitment to teamwork, innovation, inclusion, impact, discovery, and fun. 

In the latter part of the session, we turned our attention to disassembling the train model that served as the centerpiece of our 2023-2024 MasterPiece season. This deconstruction process provided us with valuable insights into our design choices and construction techniques, paving the way for future improvements and innovations in our robotics projects. Additionally, it instilled within us a sense of responsibility towards restoring elements to their original state after use, emphasizing the principles of responsibility, cleanliness, and organization within our team dynamic.

Overall, our session was a testament to the diverse talents, shared passions, and unwavering dedication of our team members. As we continue our journey in robotics, we are inspired by each other's experiences and motivated to push the boundaries of creativity and excellence.