Session #5 - jan 27, 2024
core values

Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 endemic within our LEGO community, today's session transitioned to a virtual format. The gathering commenced with a series of presentations centered around the six FLL core values: Teamwork, Fun, Discovery, Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact. 

Wesley kicked off the session by recounting his enjoyable weekend at a bouncy house venue with his grandparents. 

Ian followed suit, showcasing his innovative prowess through the creation of beautiful homemade bookmarks. 

Alina shared a delightful discovery, revealing a fun and imaginative approach to designing and playing a new game with her family. 

Ava rounded out the core values presentations by providing a comprehensive recap of the achievements accomplished by the High Blocks team during the 2023-2024 Masterpiece season, effectively covering all six core values. 

Haoyang added a playful touch to the proceedings, highlighting the sheer enjoyment found in playing Pingpong. 

Max, not one to be outdone, not only discovered a new drink but also engaged in a spirited game of Jenga, demonstrating commendable cooperation with Alina. 

Following these engaging presentations, the team collectively delved into the pages of a book titled "The Squirrels Who Squabbled." The narrative revolved around two squirrels engaged in a quarrel over a single nut, only to realize the importance of putting aside their differences and working together. This heartwarming story served as a source of inspiration for the children, imparting a valuable lesson on the significance of teamwork.