Session #4 - jan 13, 2024
innovate transportation models

Our commitment to cherishing our toys and LEGO pieces took center stage as we commenced today's session, spurred by the discovery of a mini-figure with a broken arm during our previous gathering. Emphasizing the importance of being gentle with our playthings, we set the tone for an engaging and mindful exploration of creativity.

Building upon the excitement from the last session, where we introduced the "Mini Me" robot, today's meeting witnessed the unveiling of an upgraded version. Guided by the instructions from Prof. Bricks - LEGO® creations' YouTube channel, our team eagerly delved into the enhanced features of our robotic creation.

The session unfolded with Alina's captivating demonstration of the robot's leg movements, setting the stage for Ian to showcase the intricacies of arm movements. 

As the creative energy flowed, the group naturally divided into coding and creativity project teams. Alina and Haoyang dedicated their skills to building and coding robots, while Wesley, Ava, and Ian collaborated on crafting imaginative transportation models to be displayed on the CARGO CONNECT map.

Ian's ongoing project showcased a beautiful house surrounded by gardens, capturing the essence of a work in progress. Meanwhile, Wesley envisioned an unique transportation method involving a ship, complete with a truck that descends the ship's ramp to deliver cargos. Ava's thoughtful touch manifested in the creation of a kitchen, ensuring that those involved in transporting cargo are well-nourished.

In a bid to enhance efficiency, Alina crafted a substantial truck carrier capable of dispersing small trucks for the last-mile deliveries. The meeting reached its crescendo as Haoyang concluded with a powerful demonstration of his robot gracefully moving in a hexagonal route.

Today's session not only celebrated creativity and innovation but also instilled a sense of responsibility for our creations, fostering a culture of care and mindfulness. As we look forward to future sessions, the journey of exploration and learning continues with renewed enthusiasm.