Session #3 - jan 6, 2024
"Miniature me" coding practice

Today's session kicked off with an engaging coding practice featuring a miniature version of Wesley, aptly named "Mini Wesley," created from Spike Prime. In a demo, Wesley deciphered the impact of Word Block codes on the physical movements of the Spike Prime by mimicking the actions with his own body. The accuracy of his predictions was then validated by executing the scripts on "Mini Wesley." Adding to the excitement, Alina and Haoyang volunteered to take the stage, crafting their own sets of Word Blocks for Spike Prime. They, too, predicted and verified the robot's movements using their own movements, with "Mini Alina" and "Mini Haoyang" serving as the charming robotic counterparts.

Following this interactive coding exploration, the group divided into two sub-teams. Ian and Max delved into the intricacies of coding, while Alina, Wesley, and Haoyang embarked on creative projects. Drawing inspiration from the 2021-2022 FLL League Cargo Connect materials, both groups centered their work around transporting cargos. 

Ian impressively constructed a robot from scratch, guiding it to move in a circular route, and shared his enlightening learning process with the team.

On the other hand, Alina, Wesley, and Haoyang took a hands-on approach, each building a LEGO model related to cargo transportation. Alina crafted visually appealing trucks, and Haoyang engineered a sophisticated freight train. The culmination of their efforts was presented to the team, fostering a dynamic learning environment and setting the stage for a semester rich in exploration and innovation.