May 25, 2024
Underwater adventures

This week, Wesley shared his passion for DIY LEGO, emphasizing innovation as his core value. Demonstrating his skills, he built a trophy and an arcade game out of LEGOs. The session kicked off with the 2024-2025 First LEGO League SUBMERGED Season reveal video, inspiring underwater-themed brainstorming sessions with Ian.

Despite the absence of several members, the SUBMERGED theme launch was vibrant with shared water-themed photos. Ava enjoyed kayaking on a camping trip, Max explored a water town in China, and Wesley and Ian had fun at an indoor water park.

After watching the reveal video, Ian and Wesley expressed their ideas through drawings. Ian envisioned using seaweed to craft a basket, while Wesley dreamed of constructing an underwater city. Wesley also imagined a sea turtle swimming around his city, adding to the underwater charm. Ian's seaweed basket eventually evolved into a flower lattice.

During snack time, Ian and Wesley enjoyed a special treat: viewing Wesley's new pets, a group of tadpoles from Haoyang. These tiny creatures swimming in water added an extra layer of excitement to the meeting, perfectly aligning with the underwater theme. 

For the coding section, Wesley incorporated a shipwreck into the Spike Prime set, while Ian began programming motor rotations for his flower lattice, accompanied by pleasant music.

The session was a testament to the group's creativity, collaboration, and shared enthusiasm for LEGO building and underwater adventures.