May 4, 2024
Nurturing Growth and Team spirit

Our latest session was nothing short of inspiring, filled with heartwarming stories and exciting challenges that brought us closer together.

Ian delighted us with his tale of nurturing growth as he shared his experience of planting watermelon seeds. Meanwhile, Haoyang warmed our hearts with his thoughtful Mother's Day gift—a handmade bird cup that showcased his love and appreciation. 

Alina's recounting of Hawaiian week at school emphasized the importance of teamwork, fun, and inclusivity. Even amidst the playful chaos of a field day, Ava's infectious enthusiasm shone through, demonstrating the resilience and positivity we strive for. And in a shared artistic adventure, Ian and Ava bonded over their mutual love for creativity during a visit to the art gallery.

Following our Core Value presentations, we dove into the exhilarating world of Kahoot, delving deep into coding challenges. Despite the daunting nature of the questions, our team rose to the occasion, engaging in lively discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

With our sights set on the FLL Challenge competition in the coming years, we've dedicated ourselves to rigorous preparation. Utilizing materials from the 2021/2022 FLL Challenge - Cargo Connect, we've embarked on a journey of growth, exploring advanced LEGO Technic parts to construct intricate mission models. It's a leap forward from our past experiences, but with determination and teamwork, we're ready to rise to the challenge.

Amidst our focused efforts, we made sure to carve out moments for celebration and friendship. We came together to mark a teammate's birthday, sharing laughter and memories. Additionally, our visit to the sumo robotic competition of the High Blocks Challenge Team provided us with an opportunity to experience the creativity and engineering prowess of our older siblings as they battled it out with robots built from EV3 and LEGO parts.

Our journey together has created mutual memories and brought the friendships closer. With every hurdle cleared and each special moment cheered, we become not just a team, but a tight-knit family, bound by our shared quest for excellence and our love for each other.