Session #10 - Apr 7, 2024
Exploring Robotics and Community

The High Blocks Explore team continued their diligent efforts throughout spring break, showcasing their commitment to community service on March 24. Teaming up with the High Blocks Challenge team, they converged at Morgan Falls Overlook Park for a trash cleanup initiative. Following a playful interlude at the playground, both teams diligently combed the hiking trails, equipped with either trash pickers or gloves. Despite the chilly weather, the children descended with a substantial haul of trash, accompanied by a palpable sense of accomplishment, culminating the community service endeavor with a well-deserved picnic lunch.

Over the past two weeks, the Explore team dedicated themselves to refining their coding prowess, focusing on robotic cars using Spike Prime. They discussed the difference between "Point Turn" and "Swing Turn," elucidating how subtle adjustments yield varied outcomes. 

Through hands-on experimentation, the team explored the impact of wheel configurations on movement, unveiling nuances in code execution. 

Notably, a discourse on wheel circumference shed light on its influence on travel distance. Implementing identical code to move forward 10 rotations, Ava's robot traveled straight. In contrast, Haoyang encountered difficulty as his robot's left wheel was significantly larger than the right one." 

Prior to today's coding session, customary reflections on Core Value practices punctuated the team's interactions. Showcasing personal artifacts and experiences, members fostered camaraderie and shared glimpses into their lives beyond robotics. Alina presented unicorn aura quartz, while Ava displayed a dollhouse crafted from a recent gift. She also shared snapshots from her visit to Sea World Orlando. 

Wesley treated the team to Pinata. Ian recounted a savory dim sum experience at Din Tai Fung in Las Vegas, prompting Coach Xiaoxu to reflect on his past visit to the restaurant in Los Angeles. Seizing the moment, Coach Xiaoxu stressed the importance of structured communication by incorporating the 'Who,' 'What,' 'When,' 'Where,' and 'Why' in core value presentations." 

Transitioning into an interactive exercise, team members engaged in stage performances, prompting their peers to guess their enacted scenarios. Haoyang gestured with hand under chin to indicate thoughtfulness, while Ian portrayed playing the Pipa, a Chinese musical instrument. 

Alina demonstrated a defensive stance through squatting and extending a hand.

Max signaled negation with a hand under his chin, and Ava mimicked fishing with a swinging arm. 

From thoughtful gestures to cultural references, each performance showcased creativity and communication skills, fostering a dynamic learning environment.