Session #9 - Jun 24, 2023
Game Strategy Presentations, Scratch Basics
PAssive attachment

A lot of fantastic topics today and great participation from all team members! 

Game Strategy - Pre-Season Challenge Assessment.

Many FLL teams analyzed the limited information available for the new missions. With sessions over the summer, Team High Blocks dove all in to get a head start. Each team member was tasked to review the analysis videos from other teams on YouTube and develop a possible game strategy. In particular, the following: 

Each team member came up with a couple of great ideas based on assumptions on difficulty levels and possible routes and presented their strategy to the team. The final challenges are still unknown, but it was an excellent exercise for each kid to think strategically. Here is one of the eight strategies presented:

EV3 Scratch Fundamentals

After Coding fundamentals from the last session (abstraction, decomposition, sequence, loops, branching, etc.), it was time to dive into EV3 Scratch. Again with some fundamentals:

Passive Attachements

Coach Will prepare photos, videos, and diagrams for Passive Attachments. The team was tasked to brainstorm what passive attachments could be used based on early draft replicas of the MASTERPIECE missions.  The team was extra-excited about some FLL videos Coach Will presented about Separate Passive Cars that can launch while the main Robot continues to do tasks. Key passive attachments: