#8 - Jun 10, 2023
Budget Presentations, More Strong Connections, Coding Fundamentals. 

Continuing with an extended team for the summer, we worked on the team budget, programming fundamentals, and more strong connections. 

Budget Presentations

Most kids were ready for a budget presentation and Everybody got the idea that we need to pay season registration fees, Lego pieces, poster boards, glue, etc. Total cost for the season estimates ran anywhere from  $800 to $1,700. 

During the budget presentation, the coaches were also able to identify where the kids can improve their presentation skills 

Coding Fundamentals

Coach Ben prepared a presentation to set the foundation for Coding and Programming. With it, we discussed some key concepts:

Line Follower Challenge

We finished up the session with more line follower work

Homework - Master Piece Strategy

Coach Will found a couple of FLL teams analyzing the season gameboard in various YouTube videos. Each team member is assigned to view the videos, develop a draft strategy, and present the strategy in the next session