#7 - Jun 10, 2023
Making Strong Connections and Line Follower Challenge

After our recruiting sessions, we decided to work with an extended team for the summer to finalize the team set up by the Season Start in August. We have a lot of new kids with lots of great energy. 

Making Strong COnnections

Coach Will prepared a session to teach the team members techniques to build strong connections. 

Line Follower Challenge

Most of the kids now have a copy of the team robot. Coach Will provided the instruction for last year's model on Rebrickable for anybody interested in how it looks (this year's team model had been upgraded). With the robot on hand and new team members, the kids continue to work on their line follower challenge. The key challenge this time is that the kids have to make their robot work 100% autonomously in pairs of two kids per robot. 

Budgeting Homework

While the coaches worked on the budget, we figured why not let the kids set up the budget themselves? With it, each kid got homework assigned to develop an example budget of what they think we would need to spend and present their budget in the next session