Pre-Season #6 - May 6, 2023
Recruiting Meeting Preparations, Line Follower Pickup Challenge,
World Festival Highlights 

Today the team worked on their recruitment meeting presentations, Coach Will shared highlights from the FLL World Championships, and everybody worked on their line follower pickup challenge. 

Recruiting Meeting Presentation

Brandon, Daniel, Larry, and Leon have been tasked to prepare a presentation for the new Team Recruits invited for a try-out session next week. The presentation is setup as follows:

Every team member had 2 minutes to present, and the team gave feedback to each speaker. The kids also brainstormed what kind of questions the new team members could be asked, and there was consensus among the kids to be on their best behavior. 

FLL World Festival, Houston TX

The Highblocks Junior Team joined us for a presentation about the FLL World Festival. Coach Will, Brandon, and Wesley traveled to Houston, and Coach Will shared the highlights in a presentation today. The team was in awe about the scale of the event and how global the event was with teams from across the world. The World Festival covers FLL Challenge, FLL Explore, FLL Discover, and  First Robotics Competition for High Schoolers. 

Line Follower Challenge

Each team member still works on their challenge to follow a line and pickup an object. Larry made good progress on the multi-step line following involving two line sensors, and Brandon was the first to develop and test an attachment built from scratch. 

Leon and Daniel worked on their line followers as well, but since both worked on the same mat, the assignment digressed into an accidental robot sumo challenge which the kids took as an opportunity to change the code to attempt to push each other off the mat. All within the FLL Core Values of having Fun. 

In between, more adjustments to the code attachments were made.