Pre-Season #5 Apr 22, 2023
4-Bar Linkage, Robot Decoration, Attachment Building

Coach Will was out this weekend for the FIRST Championship in Houston. Coach Ben substituted managing a small session with Larry and Leon.  

4-Bar Linkage and Line Follower

The team members are still working on the line follower challenge. Coach Will prepared line follower mats in the last session. Goals:

We revisited the 4-Bar Linkage attachment for a lifting mechanism to prepare for the challenge. 

Robot Decoration

With the Head Coach out, the limited team decided it was the perfect opportunity to work on the Robot Decoration. 

It was decided to add a text on the side of the Robot with the Team Nam "High Blocks". Running out of space, we did not make it to a plural and it became a singular "High Block" which is fair considering each robot counts as a single team member

Test Runs

With the robots ready and a basic line follower in place we ran a few test drives.