Pre-Season #4 Apr 17, 2023
Backlash, New Robots, New Recruits, Line Follower

We had a packed schedule for the team today. Everybody had their own competition robot ready; we worked on the backlash concept, new team recruits, and worked on line follower practice.

New Competition Robot

Every team member created a copy of the new team robot for the new season. We had much success with the previous season's design (available as a buildable plan on rebrickable here: HighBlocks FLL Competition Plan). Under the guidance of Coach Will, shortcomings were improved, and a new version is ready. 

Each team member is now able to practice, work on challenges, and develop code at home with their own robots at thome

Lining up the Robot and Backlash

One recurring issue during the competition is lining up the robot before it is sent on a mission. The team is using the method of lining the robot against the robot game wall for consistent starts. Coach Will explained the concept of Backlash, what can happen if the robot is not perfectly lined up, and how backlash can lead to severe inaccuracies. 

The team was tasked to develop code that would drive the motor slightly backward and even more slightly forward to achieve a consistent starting position for each game run.

New Team Recruits

HighBlocks wants to expand the team to add new talent. Kids were tasked to think about what kind of team members the team looking for. Great feedback from the kids. The team is tasked to prepare a presentation for the new team recruits event. Each team member will prepare a two-minute presentation about the First Lego League to present to the recruits in one of the next sessions.

Coding Practice and Robot Line Up

The team members were tasked to deploy the code to line up the robot and check the results. 

Line Follower Practice

Coach Will prepared line follower boards for each team member to take home and start developing code for tasks.