Session #21 - Sep 30, 2023

Today's session was held remotely via ZOOM.

Work Streams

During the second half of the zoom session, we split up the teams into 4 streams:

·       Innovation Project: Expert Interview led - Olivia, Larry

·       Innovation Project: Develop Skit - Daniel, Leon

·       Core Values Q&A - Jason, Reina

·       Robot Design Plan - Wanying, Brandon

Core Values Q&A

Based on previous season’s Questions found online, the Core Value team prepared a few answers and presented it to the team

ROBOT Design PresentaTION

The Robot Design Team prepared a slide highlighting key areas of the robot design:

Chicken-Printer-Stage Attachment

Brandon worked with Coach Will on finalizing and testing the “Chicken-Printer-Stage” Attachment. It looks very promising, assuming things go the way planned, which they rarely do.