Session #18 - Aug Sep 9, 2023
Game Strategy, Innovation Project, Hands-On

After Labor Day Break, the team is back on and goes full steam!

Game Strategy Presentation

After a couple of weeks of building attachment prototypes, and coding single missions, it is time for putting an overall strategy together. In their homework, each team member was tasked to create a game strategy and present it to the team.

Innovation Project Progress

The team settled on the Master Piece Project - use art and technology to get the parents off their phones and read books instead. Each team member presented their ideas on how this could be achieved. 

Base Robot 

Coach Will gave a recap of the Base Robot. Team High Blocks uses an improved version of the base robot used last season. Since we have new team members, it was time to recap the base robot. How did we pick it (used an existing base robot design from Rebrickable and adjusted it during the season), how did we improve it?

Hands On Time 

As in the last few sessions - each team member picked missions and built prototypes. During the hands-on time everybody was building, iterating, and practicing.  

Work Streams 

Going forward, the team will work in multiple streams, and homework was assigned to work in dedicated areas: