Session #17 - Aug 26, 2023
Innovation Project Presentations, Hands-On

Today's program included the innovation project idea presentations, hands-on time, and T-Shirt presentation. 

Innovation Project Idea Presentations 

All eight team members were ready to present their ideas of how we can make the team's innovation project idea more concrete. Again, the team picked 'Reading Books' as something they are all passionate about. But who could we encourage, and how could we approach it? Here is a list of items mentioned from the team members during the presentations:   

2. Convince people how cool it is to read, and how to grow your mind when reading 

3.Create artistic Advertisement Posters for books.

4. Use ChatGTP to let people talk to the characters of a book

5. Inspire people to read the books; we want to get them excited

6. Use Virtual Reality. Design a VR game

7. Book Clubs, use social Network.

8. Focus on non-fiction books, like getting people to read about Chess

9. Use tools like Epic, to help people find books they are interested in

10. Convince parents to read.

11. Books are better than TV

The point "Convince Parents to Read" brought up an interesting dynamic. As one of the team members attempted to get one of her parents to read, it was noticed that the parents seemed to be glued to their phone screens all the time. This struck a note with everybody on the team. The team passionately pointed out that all parents seem to be on their phones all the time. With it, the team settled on a concrete implementation of the innovation project:

Mission Status Quo

During Hands-on Coach Ben worked on an inventory of who is working on which mission.

T-Shirt Time

Co-Coach Julia consolidated the T-shirt designs the kids developed in previous sessions. We invited the Junior team to join for voting time.

Hands On Time

Time for building, coding, and practicing!