Session #15 - Aug 19, 2023
Attachment Presentations, Project Reveal, Hands-On Testing

Today the team members presented their attachment ideas, we revealed the team decision for the innovation project, talked about core values, and there was plenty of time to do hands-on testing with the new attachment from the team members.

Attachment Presentation

Last week, each team member picked a mission model to take home and develop an attachment to solve the mission. The goal was to present to the team a minimum of three things that did not work. That way the kids learn to iterate and learn from their mistakes. There have been some great outcomes outlined during the presentation.

Innovation Project Reveal

Over the last two sessions, the team worked on a process to pick an innovation project. We went through three stages.

Innovation Project - Solution Discovery

The team went on a journey for the first round of brainstorming. Why do people not read more? After a good round of discussion, Coach Will assigned the homework for the week: Each team member was tasked to develop ideas of how we can use technology and art to get more people interested in reading.

Core Values

Coach Ben did a round of recap of why core values are essential. Also, besides the six core values we reiterated the concepts of Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism

The folks over at provided a great list of examples of how core values can be applied.  

Hands On

During hands-on time, the team members were tasked to put their attachment to work on the robot game field