Session #14 - Aug 12, 2023
Innovation Project, Attachments,
Wind-up Cars

The MasterPiece season is in full swing. Today the team worked on presenting their innovation project and attachment ideas, discussed decision-making process for the innovation project, and had lots of hands-on time.

Where are we at?

Coach Will outlined where we are at in regard to both the Innovation Project and the Robot Game

Team Presentation - Innovation Project 

From the hobbies shortlist last season each team member was tasked to prepare a presentation about their passions. The team covered great presentations about Baseball, Chess, Drawing, Ping Pong and Reading. Each team member developed ideas why not more people are doing it, and how we can use art and technologies to spread it to more people

How can the Team Agree on a topic for the Project?

The coaches wanted to encourage the kids to be mindful of how we can decide which innovation project to pick as a team. Coach Will proposed some serious (Discuss, Voting) and not-so-serious options (Arm-Wrestling, Dance Competition). The team settled on a two-staged voting process where the team shortlists the main option with each member picking three options they like, and a second round of voting to pick from the three top options.

FLL Event Presentation Prep

Beginning with the end in mind, Coach Ben outlined how the final event presentation will look to help the team consider the presentation throughout the upcoming core weeks of the FLL season. 

Attachment Building Time

The team members were also tasked to pick three missions and develop drawings to solve them. During hands-on time, the team was tasked to start building attachment prototypes.

Passive Attachments - Separate Cars

During the summer, Coach Will prepped the team on passive attachments. Besides funnels, pushers, and one-way doors, separate cars were presented at length. 

The exclusion of wind-up/ pull-up motors was dropped from the FLL rulebook in the SuperPowered season and is still not mentioned. An excellent opportunity for the team to experiment with solving the roller coaster challenge with two pull-up motors. They can't be launched by hand during the competition, but the team will solve that during the season.