Session #13 - Aug 5, 2023
Season Kick-Off!

The season officially opened on August 1. The robot game mat arrived; each team member already got a mission model from the delivery the previous week. With the building instructions out, each member built 1-2 models and brought it to the session. 

MasterPiece Rules and Rubric

Coach Will introduced the Rulebook (which each memberr was already tasked to review) and highlighted the most important cornerstones:


Each team member was tasked to read the rulebook in detail. With all kids well versed in the fun and excitement of the Kahoot! Game format, Coach Ben Prepared a Kahoot Session querying very specific rules. Result was great!

Masterpiece Innovation Project 

Last year was the first season for Team HighBlocks in the FLL Challenge League. The team had a couple of good ideas in the innovation project, but we felt it was not executed as well as it could have been in particular in terms of reflecting on the process and iterating solutions. With it, we want to prioritize the Innovation Project more this year and start early. Coach Will presented the Innovation Project from the Rule Book and it was time for the first round of brainstorming!

Team Brainstorming - Things the Team Members are Doing

A great round of brainstorming lead to a list of items and hobbies each team member is doing. We consolidated the items to cover what either all or most team members like to do. In the next step, everybody had to come up with ideas why they like it, and why not more people are doing it.


Since the season is officially in full swing, the team members are tasked with a bit more workload than during the summer. Homework this week: