Session #11 - Jul 22, 2023
Team T-Shirts and Core Values

Coding of Events, Loops and Sensors

In the previous session, Coach Will presented a template for the team T-shirts. Today, team members were tasked to present their prototypes.

Above - Template provided by the Coaches. 

Below - Team members prototypes

Coding Fundamentals 

After deep-dive into coding for the controlling individual motors and controlling two motors at the same time, we dived into Sensors, Events, and Controls.

Core Values

Coach Will introduced the basics of FLL core values and how we want to incorporate them into the team. With two team members in their third season (one of them FLL Explore), two members in their second season, and four new team members, it was great to get everybody on the same page.

Active Attachments

Coach Will did a dive into active attachments: