Session #10 - Jul 1, 2023
Passive Attachments, One-Way Doors, Coding

The dynamics with the new team of eight are fantastic. Everybody is working very hard. This allowed the two coaches to advance with pre-season engineering and coding concepts. 

Present Passive Missions and One-Way Doors

Homework from the last session was for each team member to present which missions could be handled with passive attachments. The team members were also tasked to present their one-way door prototypes from the last session. 

EV3 Scratch Coding: Motors, Movements, and My Blocks

Coach Ben prepared a breakout for EV3 Scratch Coding in particular:

Motor and Movement Control

My Blocks Functions 

Engineering - Turning Concepts and Hands On

Coach Will lead the breakout on how to make the robot turn. For the FLL Challenge Robot game, it is all about navigating the robot game, so this is particularly important. Key concepts:

Hands-On Turning Functions 

The team was tasked to develop a turning function with "Degree of Robot Turn" and "Speed" as input and test it with their robot. Besides setting a proper variable name (kids could not hold back adding a personal touch), the challenge was the trial and error of figuring the correct multiplicator for motor degree to movement degree conversion