February 11, 2023
FLL State Championship at UGA 

Today, the team finished their 2022/2023 season by competing in one of the two Georgia State Championships. This year, there are two State-Level Championships, one at Georgia Tech and the other at UGA, The University of Georgia.  HighBlocks qualified for the State Competition after scoring high in multiple areas during the Super-Regional Competition two weeks back. 

Reaching the state level is an amazing performance by the team. It was also quite unexpected. The team was fully dedicated from the very beginning of the season, but the success in the regionals in December propelled them to the next level. 

Number of FLL Georgia Teams in the 2022/2023 Season

Georgia Tech lists the competing Georgia teams on the assignment section of the FLL website. These assignments may update in future seasons and are likely no longer current. As of February 2023, there were 437 Georgia Teams listed. Only 48 teams qualified for the two State Championships, including Team Highblocks.

Highblocks Achievements in the State Competition

The competition was fierce on this level, as expected. Still, the team managed to score 5th place in the Robot Game. They did win big by scoring a trophy for the 2nd place in the Robot Design Category. 

FLL Results from UGA State Competition 

The HighBlocks team came in 5th place for the Robot Game. Their second game was perfect, but the team got unlucky with a few items outside their control. The oil platform got stuck, and the other team could not get to in getting the high-five up. They could have gotten 20 more points if those had not happened.

 Nevertheless, scoring 305 points was an amazing achievement! 

A big shout out to Sharon Robot Knights, Team 26392, for winning the State Championship with a chance to attend the World Championship in Houston this year!