Session #9 - Oct 12, 2022
More Presentation Work

Today's session was focused on the kids working on the presentation.

Core Value Presentation Outline

Brandon and Larry developed the outline for the introduction and the core values. This is what they developed:

INTRO: Hi I’m Brandon, and I’m Daniel, and I’m Larry, and I’m Leon, and we are team HIGH BLOCKS!  We are a new neighborhood team, and this is our first time competing in FLL.

DISCOVERY is a Core Value which is very important to us because we have a lot to learn. We DISCOVERED that it is not easy to build a robot and make attachments that work well.

•We also learned that to make an IMPACT, we need to learn to present our ideas.

•We made new friends and learned how to WORK as a TEAM.

•We had our best ideas when everyone was INCLUDED, and we had a lot of FUN.

•Most importantly, we came up with an INNOVATIVE idea to save energy at our schools.

•When we DISCOVERED something new we WORKED as a TEAM.

•When we had a lot of FUN we WORKED as a TEAM, and everyone had an IMPACT .

•With all these core values we made a great team.

Robot Design Presentation Outline

The team settled on breaking the Robot Design Presentation into 4 parts:

1.Base robot

2.Missions and Strategies



Presentation Training - Innovation Project

Daniel presented a prototype of the Innovation Project Presentation

Presentation Training - Code Presentation

Leon Presented the Outer Loop Section of the Code Presentation

Team Introduction Presentation

The Team practiced to present the introduction and core values together