Session #7 - Oct 8, 2022
Poster Board Sketches, Attachment Building, Presentation Topics

Session Agenda

Poster Board Sketches

Brandon and Larry presented their idea for the Core Value Posters. We all love LEGO rockets, so the team settled on adding the core values to rockets:  

Presentation Outline

Coaches presented the presentation outline and the team discussed. 

5 Minutes: Innovation Project Presentation

•What problem did we try to solve?

5 Minutes: Core Values Presentation

•How did we demonstrate the values?

10 Minutes: Robot Presentation

•Base Robot Selection - what did we pick and why?

•Game Strategy - which missions did we try and which to skip?

•Attachment Building - how does it work?

•Code - how does it work and what did we learn?

5 Minutes: Answer questions from Judges

Attachment Building

Based on some prototypes, the kids went to work building their own versions of the various attachments to solve the challenges.