Session #6 - Oct 1, 2022
Innovation Project, Strategies, Test Drives

Innovation Project

The kids were tasked to think about our Innovation Project. We settled on the Energy Journey of our respective schools. Each kid held a presentation highlighting where they think energy is being used at their school and how energy can be saved.

We agreed on trying to convince the respective school to reduce energy usage by having posters and stickers around the school to remind everybody to (1) keep the A/C at a higher temperature in summer, keep the Heating at a lower temperature in winter, and (3) generally keep the lights off, 

A great idea was that the teachers should group their meetings in fewer rooms so they don't have to run the lights and utilities in all the rooms.

High Blocks Innovation Project

Problem: Schools are using too much energy 

Solution: Change People's Behavior by hanging signs for the light switches and A/C controls to remind people to save energy.

Team Profile Presentation

The kids were tasked to polish their presentation skills and present their own profiles. We asked them to group as a team in front of the screen, so they get used to speaking in front of the FLL judges. 

Finally we asked them to train to elevate the respective speaker by turning to whoever is speaking. Everybody did a fantastic job  

Game Strategy

We spend a good amount of time on game strategy today. What are the best routes for the robot game, and why are some routes better than others? Everybody participated and contributed

Snack Time!

Test Drives

Coach Will and Brandon prepared attachments and code for the kids to try out.