Session #5 - Sep 23, 2022
Attachments, Innovation Project, Presentation Skills

Attachment Prototyping

Last week every team member got a challenge and was tasked to build a prototype. With that, we kicked off our session by having the kids present their attachment ideas in front of the team.

Innovation Project

We started the innovation project breakout by quizzing the kids about the innovation Project. How does it play in the big scheme of the overall FLL league? The innovation project counts for 25% of the total score. Next, we checked what the challenge was. And what can we do?  We finished the session with brainstorming, where everybody could come up with ideas about the energy journey.

Brainstorming Ideas from the kids:

Make energy anywhere in the universe and everybody can access it, and it does not cause any damage

•Build Solar Panels.

•Re-use unused energy from space ships

•Create Energy

•Fix pollution

•We use too much energy

•It takes too much money to create energy

•Fossil fuel is limited

•Our schools use a lot of Energy. Can we do something to make an impact here?

Attachment Building

We spent a good a mount of time working on the first attachment prototypes and how we can fit it into the base of the robot.

Presentation Skills

The highlight of today's session was co-Coach Julia joining us and discussing presentation skills.

Each team member is tasked with a short presentation at the beginning of each session. Today was when Julia did an introduction on how to present well and review every team member's strengths and weaknesses.   


We settled on our innovation project to be on a local level where we can have an impact and pick up the 'our schools use a lot of energy.' For the coming week, each team member is tasked to think about how they could improve the energy journey of their very own school and present it to the team.

 Our base robot is completed. We are in the process of building a second base robot, so we can work with two teams in parallel on tackling missions during our sessions. It involved a lot of trips to Bricklink and back.

 The kids developed an individual profile. Each member is tasked with preparing their profile presentation.