Session #4 - Sep 17, 2022
Challenge Assessment, Code Presentations

Today we covered a lot of ground:

We had the kids present their homework assignments from last week. Brandon, Daniel, Larry, and Leon each had to develop code to make their robot follow a square. Each had to present their code in front of the team and answer questions


We talked about the 6 FLL values and quizzed the kids on what their thoughts were. Larry prepared and presented a presentation about Innovation. Starting this week, we keep a team score card that tracks who demonstrated which core value during the session. Today's core values went to 

Coach Will prepared the Robot Base. We agreed that we would start with a pre-built base from a plan. We jointly reviewed the base and discussed the different aspects


Coach Will prepared a table with the 12 board challenges for the kids to evaluate - Points per challenge, location of each challenge, difficulty level

The team worked on the gameboard to assess the challenges physically and brainstormed how some of the challenges could be solved.

Today, each Team Member picked 1 out of the 12 challenges and was assigned to think of how a robot could solve the challenge.