Session #3 - Sep 10, 2022
EV3 Base Robot, Challenge Table Setup, Programming

Since this is our first season; we decided early on to select an existing base robot off the internet rather than having the team design the base robot from scratch. In this session, the team looked at four different base robots. Based on the FLL spirit of Coopertition, many teams shared their plans in detail and made them available for download. Coach Will imported the plans into Lego studio for a 3D view of each design. 

The team was tasked to assess the pros and cons of each plan, and after much deliberation, the team settled on a base robot from Super Small Box Robot by FLL Team Moscow. We will hear more about that base robot, its adjustments, enhancement, and our experience throughout the season. 

Next, the team was tasked to come up with some sample programming of their own EV3 sets to set them up for the upcoming challenges. 

We finished the session by assessing the (now painted) Challenge Table.