Session #17 - Jan 7, 2023
Updated Competition Schedule. Innovation Project Sharing

Schedule Update

WIA Innovation Project Presentation

Weslyan International Academy is a Charter School in Atlanta, and Larry's mom is a volunteer school board member. The team got invited to present their idea and solicit feedback from the head of the school board via ZOOM on January 21!

GEFA Innovation Project Presentation

Leon, with the help of Coach Bernd, composed an email to GEFA - the Georgia Environmental and Financial Authority. A State body tasked with Energy and Water conservation. GEFA was very kind and invited the team to present their idea at the office on January 26.

Presentation Preparation 

The team was tasked to alter their presentation to make it suitable for presenting at WIA and GEFA

Questions for the Professionals

The team developed questions for the professionals around making their behavior-changing energy conservation project better. Here the questions the team developed:

Do you think this is going to work? - Larry

How do we convince people to do it? - Leon

How do we get people to care about saving energy? - Leon

We gave the sign to our teacher, she said she would put it on the wall but it is still not there. What should we do? - Daniel

How can we make our energy saving idea better? - Brandon

How can we reach more people with our idea? - Brandon

How else can we save energy? - Larry

How can we use technology to remind us to turn the lights off? - Daniel

Can we ask the governor to give the schools money to upgrade light switches to motion sensors? - Larry