Session #17 - Dec 31, 2022
Score Review. How to Improve. Robot Launch Practice. New Year's Party

Score Review

FLL is great with sharing feedback and provided helpful feedback. We came out as follows:

Improvement Areas

The team has a couple of weak spots highlighted by the judges:

Team Action Item

1.Improve Scripts

a.Make it More Fun!

b.Mission Strategy + Code Explanation

2.Presentation Skills

a.Practice standing still when others talking

b.Get ready before presentation starts

c.Don’t understand question: ask to repeat or explain the question

3.Innovation Project: Present to Professional + Improve Idea

a.How can we change behavior? Are signs the best idea or something else?

b.Is turning off the lights the best way to save energy? What else could be done?

c.How does this make the world a better place?

4.Attachment Changes + Robot Launching

a.Everyone has specific job

b.Stay out of way of other person

c.Signal when ready to begin

5.Questions: All involved


Each team member is to think about how to reach out to professionals on how the innovation project can be improved.


Coach Will organized a cake for the team to celebrate the success!