Session #13 - Nov 19, 2022
Season Schedule Update and FLL Scrimmage

Regional FLL Tournament Announcement & Upcoming Schedule

Coach Will shared the confirmation for the first competition on December 17 

FLL Scrimmage

June from Decatur Robotics and a few other teams organized an FLL Scrimmage and invited us. It is fantastic for a first-year team to get support from other, more experienced teams. We definitely take note and look out to support other teams and the coaches and team developing our toolset.  

A skeleton team presented in front of judges and received very helpful feedback. In retrospect, this made a huge difference in how the team approached the presentation. 

Scrimmage Judges Feedback

1.Core Values

a.Script is not interesting, sounds like just reading the definitions of the words.

b.Tell a story or example about how the team worked together to help solve a problem.

2.Innovation Project

a.All members need to participate. Practice each other’s scripts in case someone isn’t there.

b.Stating the Problem and Solution doesn’t get much points.

c.Need to present ideas to someone in the community to get the most points.

3.Robot Design

a.Too long and too much detail. Need to summarize.

i.“Our robot does 9 of the 15 missions and our favorite is blah blah because blah blah…”

ii.“We have 4 attachments and the most challenging was blah blah because blah blah…”

iii.“And if you want to more details about blah blah, you can read about it on our poster board.”

b.Talk about what is special about the robot and what challenging problems we solved.

i.Flow chart uses color sensor.

c.When someone is talking, someone else should hold up the robot or attachments and point to whatever that person is talking about.

Game Day Rules and Schedule

Coach Will summarized and walked the kids through the rules and schedule of the Game Day.