FLL Explore League - Season Introduction

Aug 21, 2021

Today is the first team session with the CARGO CONNECT materials released. With that, we are now in full "season-mode". Both us coaches and kids are excited. We started the session by covering some of the FLL season basics. The coaches reviewed their team meeting guides, and team members got the first few pages of their engineering notebook to check out.

In the first part of the session, we covered theory. We asked the kids what they think the CARGO CONNECT challenge is and what we are trying to achieve. We got some great feedback, including building train tracks to the house to move cargo faster. We also talked about team roles: 

Since we are a small team, the kids decided that everybody covers a little bit of everything.

Coach Will teaches the kids about the FIRST values and team roles. 

In the second part of today's session, we focused on the challenge mat. We decided we need to start building houses where cargo is going to be delivered to. The kids worked on the 'Ice House' and the 'Green House.' The initial design of the distribution hub we built already in a previous session. As homework, the kids are tasked to create an additional house each. As one can imagine, the dynamic regarding attention changed instantly once they got their hands on LEGO, and everybody was busy building.