First Explore Kit - The Box Organizer

Aug 7, 2021

Today, Brandon and Leon expanded on the FIRST Explore Kit we built in the last session.

The first build in the kit is what the boys call the 'Box Organizer'. It has two separate baseplates. One with the box organizer itself, and the second baseplate with a motor, that is attachable to the first. 

Since we use EV3 instead of the designated LEGO SPIKE robotics set, we had to improvise on the second baseplate. We coaches helped to design a custom baseplate based on the medium EV3 Servo Motor instead that can be attached and detached. 

Next we spent some time programming the Box Organizer. The boys got some help on this. We thought it could be fun to use a color sensor to make the motor go left or right depending on the color it senses. That way, the LEGO boxes coming in from the top it would go either to the left or to right.