The Amazing Team Poster

March, 19 2022

The overall model is 95% complete and today is Team Poster Time. The team worked on the final design of the poster. We decided to add the team member profiles on the left and the FIRST values on the right. The kids got quizzed on if they could name the values in the last FIRST event, so we want to make sure we have them handy.

We suggested that the kids do a schematic representation of our CARGO CONNECT project. With that, we asked them to identify the key components and put them together, which turned out to be:

The components are connected with color-coded routes:

As always - the session was fun and productive. For the next and last session before the next FIRST event (due to spring break activities), we have two main tasks (1) finishing programming the sensor for the bucket loader and (2) doing an end-to-end video of the project.