Pickup and Delivery in Action

March , 2022

Today we had another productive session. 

We worked on getting the Forklift to pick up the buckets (aka PickupRun) from the Conveyer Belt and bring them to the box sorter (aka DeliveryRun). 

Brandon and Coach Will adjusted all the pickup buckets to be square with round corners which makes everything from movement on the conveyer belt to the pickup a breeze. 

First, we ran into a few problems. In front of the pickup location, we had a 2-brick-high wall built which would trigger one of the touch sensors on the Forklift so that he knows he arrived at the pickup location. That brick wall interfered with the forklift turning, the forks would hit the wall and got the forklift stalled. Initially, we attempted to move the conveyer belt further out. This gave the forklift more space to turn and helped a little but did not fix the issue. We then simply (1) elevated the pickup platform and (2) connected a bean in front of the two touch sensors so that either sensor can indicate when the forklift reached the pickup position.

It all turned out great! After that, the team worked on the MindStorms MyBlocks program Calibrate for the forklift. This is the first step in the program to initially adjust the forks to the right height. The forks are lifted all the way up until a touch sensor under the motor is triggered by the movement of the arm. Then we need to move the arm back down to the exact height of the pickup platform which is a bit less than one rotation. This we took as an opportunity to revisit how a full rotation is 360 degrees, and let the kids approximate how many degrees 'a bit less than one rotation' needs to be which turned out to be around 310. 

Brandon  reviewing the Code

The latest version of the code. Everything in red is a procedure with separate code called 'My Blocks' in Mindstorms speak