Conveyer Belt V3 & Forklift Delivery Run V2 

March 5, 2022

Today we made significant progress. The conveyer belt is in its 3rd version and is finally working. We added a touch sensor that moves the conveyer belt to the number of rotations equivalent to moving one bucket down the ramp to the pickup station.

On the drop-off side of things, Coach Will and Brandon improved the forklift arm to be sturdier. Also, we changed the bucket design using different bricks. It is working reasonably consistently.

For the team poster, we want to work on an overview of all the different components of the complete project. Leon started a PowerPoint diagram, which we’ll print out and add to the team poster.

Finally, Brandon and Coach Will worked on another round of improvements for the buckets. The round buckets sometimes turn when they come down the slide and get the pickup arms in the wrong angle. Sometimes, a square bucket gets its sharp corners stuck on the conveyor belt. Brandon worked on square buckets with round corners, which look great!

Conveyer Belt in Action

Drop Off in Action

Working on a Layout for the Team Poster

Working on new Buckets