Team Poster Time

January 9, 2022

We had an extended winter break and did not meet since the festival FLL Explore Festival Event on December 11. Today was the first regular team session and we focused on filing the gaps on the team poster.  

We encouraged the kids to brainstorm what goes on the poster and we all agreed it should look as follows:

For the team roles we had it roughly mapped out during one of the sessions, but this was an opportunity to formalize it and assign official titles:

There is more work left on the poster. Brandon is working on cutting out planets that are added to the title, and the names/roles are still work in progress. We enjoyed one day focusing on a more generic task and recharging for the next building project.

Next Steps on our Agenda:

We brainstormed where we are heading for the rest of the season, here a couple of highlights we want to achieve as a team: