Extended Distribution Center, new Warehouse & the Recycling Train

November 6, 2021

In today's session, we started the process to get our model ready for the FLL First Festival Event, which happens on December 11, 2021, in Kennesaw GA. They take up to 15 teams to meet. 

We cut and painted two 1/2 inch plywood boards at approximately 30x42 inches. Large enough for the team model, small enough to fit in the back of our cars. With the additional space, the kids decided to use an existing train set that can serve as a recycling train to go around the houses and pick up empty boxes.

The big project for today was having the kids design and build a distribution center. Adding the warehouse was partially inspired by seeing all the big warehouses across Atlanta. Brandon and Will previously created some amazing Lego Planets that the kids decided to place on top of the warehouse. As a final touch, we will be working on spinning the planets with a gear train below the roof of the warehouse with a small Lego motor. 

This photo shows the extended distribution center with the sorting and distribution station on the right and the newly built warehouse on the left.

Brandon's brother Wesley insisted that we needed some horses, so we all decided it was fair for the cavalry to do a patrol around the new warehouse.

Extended Distribution Center with Warehouse Walkthrough by Leon

Here a closer look at the spinning planets on top of the warehouse. 

This photo shows the gear train which is making the planets spin.