Join Forces

 October 2, 2021

After taking a break for one Saturday, Leon and Brandon brought their respectively assigned homework to the session today. Coach Bernd and Leon had been working on a loading dock that features a loading ramp and a sensor for cargo color identification. 

In the left video Leon tested the color sensor. looked like the senor had trouble identifying the color of the white package correctly. He then replaced the bad sensor with a new one in the right video, and hooray, the color identification started to function properly.

In the past week, Coach Will and Brandon had been working on the upgrade of the distribution center. There is now a vertical conveyer belt that can lift a package from Leon's loading dock to the top of the distribution center. In this video, Brandon demonstrated lifting a package to the top of the distribution center, which then distributed the package to the building of the same color. 

There are five buildings to receive packages from the distribution center. The colors are: blue, red, white, green, and orange. The team just found out that the senor could not read the color orange. Replacing the orange building will be a key thing the team has to work on at the next session. Additionally, currently the turntable slide on the top of the distribution center requires manual maneuver on the EV3 control device. The team expects to have it automated at a future session.