June 8, 2024

Presentation Skill Practice, T-Shirt Design, and Attachment Building

Presentation Skill Practice

The Team started today's meeting with a presentation practice session led by Ms. Michelle (Daniel's mom). They first watched two short videos about key presentation skills: smile, posture, not moving too much, eye contact, and where to put your hands/hand gesture. After that, each kid found a partner to practice two skills of their choosing and then gave a brief presentation about FLL before the group. Some kids chose smile, which turned into laugh or exaggerated smile 😁; some chose eye contact but felt it really not easy to do. In the end, they all accomplished what they chose to practice and had fun!

T-Shirt Design and Team Logo

The kids presented their creative and artistic designs of this season's T-shirt. They will spend another week refining these designs with the goal of completing the final or close-to-final design at the next meeting. 

They also presented a few variants of the Team's logo. The iterations are expected to continue over the next weeks.

Attachment Building

Although the mission models have not been revealed for this year, the teaser video gave helpful hints. The Team has been brainstorming and building attachments to tackle some potential missions. To these kids, it is fun to build anything with LEGO, so why not?


Today is Leon's birthday and yesterday was Larry's birthday. Larry got a surprise cake and celebration at the snack time. Leon was not present (because he is having fun in FL), so the Team decided to sing a Happy Birthday song to him. The video was sent to Leon and his dad shared with the Team his happy smile watching it.