June 1, 2024

New Base Robot, Game Strategy, T-Shirt Design

It was a small crowd today with only 5 members attending, and the other 3 team members are exploring China on the other side of the planet Earth.

New Base Robot

Based on the discussions done in the past weeks, using the Engineering Design Process - Identify, Design, Create, Iterate, Communicate, the team are getting closer to finalizing the new Base Robot. Coach Will yielded several insightful ideas, and presented the team with the new robot design with many exciting improvements. Utilizing Stud.io is handy for trying different design ideas for making it more compact, faster, and sleek. 

While everyone was very excited about the new design, they also discussed adding team names and everyone’s name to the base robot. 

Game Strategy

The team continued their creativity towards the mission attachments. Following the sketches provided by Brandon, Daniel, Reina, and Larry last week, Olivia presented her ideas of two mission models today with drawings: the Marin Rescue and the Sonar.

While carefully studying the Submerged map, the team brainstormed the mission models’ possible rules and the strategies. One major debate was to complete multiple missions in one trip, instead of each trip only doing one mission, to save time and complete missions more efficiently. 

Next, the team is divided into three small groups - Reina with Olivia, Brandon with Larry, and Leon with Coach Will, to test out their ideas on the Submerged map. As one of the homework this week, each member will design his/her  game strategy and bring it to the session next week. 

T-Shirt Design

As every year we have a new team T-Shirt, the team needs to design a new T-Shirt. Coach Julia led this session by instructing the design process. From the theme color, to the elements of this year’s ocean theme, the team came up with many imaginative ideas. Such as water waves, bubbles, fishes, sea turtles and corals etc. 

Each team member will sketch their own innovative ideas about the net T-shirt, and present it in the upcoming sessions. The plan is to finalize the new T-Shirt design in the next two weeks. How exciting!